​​ Basketball and Cheerleading signups are open

Click HERE to sign up and pay fees online for Basketball

Click HERE to sign up and pay fees online for Cheerleading

1. Signups will also be held at Soddy-Daisy Middle School on November 7th, 14th, and 21st from 11:00 am till 1:00 PM. Registration fee is $65.00.
2. Boys and Girls age groups- 15-U, 12-u, and 10-u.
3. League Age is determined by Participant's age on May 1st 2016.  A player may elect to move up in age group.
4. Approximate evaluation dates- 1. 10-u will be Nov. 23rd -Nov.30th  2. 12-U will be Nov. 30th- Dec. 6th.  3. 15-u will be Dec. 6th-Dec. 13th.
5. Practices are held at Soddy-Daisy Middle School, Soddy-Daisy High School, Soddy Elementary, and various churches in the area. They will begin immediately after evaluations.  There are normally 2 per week in December (1 during the week and 1 on Saturday).  Games will start on the weekend of January 9th and will finish with an end of season tournament which will finish around the March 1st.  Most games are on Friday night or Saturday.

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As of January 1 2014 the State of Tennessee passed a new law pertaining to youth sports and concussions. The Soddy Daisy Kids Club has for 2 years required coaches in the sport of football to complete the CDC concussion training and pass the test. We have made a great effort to train our coaches and raise awareness on concussions. Now the state is requiring EVERY coach in all youth sports to complete this same training. Also each coach will be required to sign a form about concussions that states they understand the signs of a concussion and expectations if a child MAY have a possible injury. The childs parents or guardian also must review and sign a form with the signs and symptoms of a concussion and the expectation if a child is injured. As a coach or an assistant coach you must complete these requirements before you will be permitted to coach in your respective sports (practice or games). The parents must complete the form before the child will be allowed to practice. In the event a child is removed from games or practice due to a head injury. He or she will not be allowed to return to practice or games until a signed release from a doctor is obtained. As the President of the Kids Club it is my responsibility to see that this state law is followed, but first and foremost it's all our responsibility to protect our children. Coaches should begin with the link below and obtain the training. You will be asked for your name for the certificate after you pass the training. You should print that certificate and bring it to the director of the sport you are playing. The director will have copies of the forms for the parents and the coaches. NO SPORTS ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS NEW LAW! Please help us make this a painless as possible while we comply with the state. Thanks
To complete the concussion training course click on the link below

Soddy Daisy Kids Club